Gifts from my parents

Yesterday, I received a package from my parent in Japan--it took only 3 days to get here! However, it was a pretty heavy box and the shipping fee was over 10,000 yen (Oh, thank you Mom! Thank you Dad!) My parents had sent homemade miso and local soy sauce....So Great!!! I really appreciate it, and..... I couldn't stop laughing.......I know that my parents have a lot of BIG LOVE but with everything that was packed into the box , it was kind of crazy and it was really funny!!!


They put a local soy sauce in the plastic bottle that has a different label. 違ったラベルのついたペットボトルに地元醤油が入ってました。ちょっと、漏れていたけど大丈夫!(みそと醤油の甘い香りがぷ〜んと!!!)

Is this the Expiration Date? HaHa!! I think the "S" means it is from the Showa Era....The Showa Era ended over 20 years ago!! この「S」は、何?昭和を意味してる?(としたら、プレミアもののボトル!!!)


And then these are Healthy sweets called "Daizu-Ame" that are popular in Nanao-shi (My home town) They are made from Soy beans, soybeans powder, texture is soft and chewy. Originally they are covered by fine sugar.
Anyway, when I took them out of the box, each box's weight was different. I thought my parents had eaten them... この健康的な「大豆飴(豆飴)」は七尾市の定番スイーツ。大豆から出来ていて、味はきな粉、食感はドライなねっちり系。もともと、砂糖がびっしり付いてるものです(最近はおしゃれ傾向になってきた)そして、この箱を持ったとき、「あれ、両方の重さが違う、さては、少し食べて、残りを送ったのかな?」と思ったりして…

But then I opened the box.....and I was like "WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!" 箱をあけると、「な、な、なんだこれ!」

OMG, it's a homegrown "UMEBOSHI" '(Japanese pickled plums) pickled by my mother!! 自家製梅干しではないかっ!!!

Also, I had requested some stationary items such as better quality pens.... そして、ステーショナリーのリクエストをしてたんだけども、例えばペンとかね。だって、日本のはクオリティがいいもん。こっちで日本製買うより安いし!

....and I was wondering when my parents would send me some of these stationary things....Well, the stationary arrived in the box...Tons of Stationary! it just kept pouring out from this small bag.....(I couldn't stop laughing ) で、登場したのは100円ショップで買ったボールペンセット。しかも、期待していた数を超えて、わんさか出てくるんですけど(笑)

These are Chopstick holders. Even this box also had an another item packed with it...

This is the powder of dried Shiso leaves (it's kind of Japanese basil)
My parents method of packing is "Don't waste any space!!!" おっと、自家製しそが入っていました。両親のパッキングの仕方は「無駄をなくせ!」って言っているみたいですね。

And then, my mom made this apron!!! At first, I thought the apron was from a store, but then I realized it was something special... OMG (part 2) it was made by Mom!!!
So, Andrew put on my apron,but it's not for him. And also I showed this photo to my parents, they were laughing a lot!!! I'm happy to connect with my parents.

At last, I read a letter that was in the package from my mom. I could read it just once, because it was very touching and it was making me very sentimental. My grandmother's 1st memorial ceremony has gone by, my cat, Mimi just passed away and I couldn't be there and I couldn't help my parents, just talk to them on the internet.
What can I do for them... I can't say "Thank You" enough to them and tell them how much I appreciate them... I know, I know...
When I was young, I didn't understand how great my parents were or tell them of my appreciation. But now at last, I really understand. Let's all tell our parents how much we love them!!!


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